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At Oasis, we are always interested in how we can make things better. Your input can help to provide unique insight that may aid in us serving you and others in the future. Let us know how we can improve or what we've done well in an event you recently attended.


One of the most important things for our team is communication. It’s important that whenever there’s a need, the right people know about it. This helps us to maintain excellence across our teams and provide solutions as quickly as possible to any obstacles that may arise.


For us to do that, we encourage everyone across all OWAT teams to provide us with feedback. If something isn’t functioning properly, or there’s an issue, we want to make sure that we all work together to find a fast and simple solution. This applies to those on stage as well as all production/media teams.


The way that we do this by submitting a troubleshooting ticket. We’ve created a simple form that allows you to let us know if something isn’t working right or any other issue you think we need to know about. From something being broken or malfunctioning to something being dirty or unsafe.

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