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At Oasis, our mission is to be a place of refuge and relief in an otherwise hectic environment. We ignite hope through the tangible love of Jesus, one life at a time.


Oasis Church was birthed in the heart of Senior Pastor Joey Steelman, long before he ever actually pastored a church. Driven from a life experience as a young boy, the name Oasis stuck with him for a reason he had yet to know. In 2008 he was asked to lead a small church that was on the verge of foreclosure and had less than 50 people in regular attendance. Having no background or history in working on a Church staff or setting, Pastor Joey set out by faith to turn a once dying church into a life-giving hub of hope and inspiration; a place where people from all backgrounds were welcome and could experience Jesus in unconventional ways.

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Joey & Jennifer Steelman are living examples of what it looks like to turn tragedy into triumph. They both were born and raised in Sacramento, California, and coincidentally, had similar life experiences set in different environments. Their stories are laced with abuse, pain, and violence until Jesus came into their lives and absolutely took the tragedy they once knew and replaced it with a triumphant life in Christ!...


We’re more than a staff; we’re a family. We are dedicated followers of Jesus, who use our unique God-given talents and passions to spread God’s Word as far and wide as possible as well as to help one another grow and follow the calling God has placed on our lives. Each of us has our own personality, our own unique story to tell, but together, we are Oasis.



At Oasis, we believe the Bible is the sole basis of our faith. It is uniquely God-inspired, trustworthy, and the final authority. Based on the Bible’s teaching, there is one God who sent his Son for our sins by dying on the cross as our substitute. By the Holy Spirit, believers are drawn to Christ and equipped for personal growth. Our aim at Oasis Church is to glorify God and make him known.


Oasis City Center is the community center of Oasis Church and ignites hope through faith, fitness, and family activities. It is the hub of community outreach, a means for connecting with people from all backgrounds and walks of life throughout each week, and a resource for our community to find hope in the various seasons of life we all undergo.



Oasis Cares is our food and resource relief program passionately committed to providing care, relief, and meeting critical food needs for people living in our community.

It is a means for Oasis Church to give back to the community in meaningful and tangible ways. Members of our church community are encouraged to partner with us in impacting our community by igniting hope!

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