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About the steelmans

Joey & Jennifer Steelman are living examples of what it looks like to turn tragedy into triumph. They both were born and raised in Sacramento, California, and coincidentally, had similar life experiences set in different environments. Their stories are laced with abuse, pain, and violence until Jesus came into their lives and absolutely took the tragedy they once knew and replaced it with a triumphant life in Christ!

Jennifer had the privilege to accept Jesus as a teenager and has been amazed to see God heal her heart from the wounds that life brought. She now shares her story with transparency in hopes of bringing others to her great restorer, Jesus.

Joey met the Lord in 1997 and was radically changed! He accepted the call of God on his life and began traveling the nation, speaking in churches as well as public schools with a message of hope and transformation.

Joey & Jennifer have a great vision for San Joaquin County, our nation, and the World. They want to help as many people as they can fulfill their destinies. They have loved watching others come to experience the same freedom that they now enjoy. They were honored to become Pastors in January 2010, and have two beautiful daughters.

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